Paper block/USB holder

New product

An original creation to display your passion on your desk !

With its design inspired by the 60s van, this anthracite grey colour holder will allow you to store your 9x9cm paper block, as well as your USB keys and SD/micro SD cards: 9 USB, or 9 SD cards, or 22 micro SD, or a mix of all these possibilities. This set was developed and designed by us thanks to 3D printing

18,00 €

  • Height4,2 cm
    Width9,6 cm
    Length12,3 cm
    Weight60 g
    MaterialPLA filament from Normandy, FR
    Longueur de fil utilisé19,7 m
    Temps d'impression 3D6h14
    Place of design, manufacture and printingFrance
    CopyrightRegistered design
    For informationSold WITHOUT paper pad, USB key and memory cards

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