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  • Sticker I'm not old I'm getting CLASSIC
  • Sticker I'm not old I'm getting CLASSIC

Sticker I'm not old I'm getting CLASSIC

New product

For all car lovers !

An adhesive intended to be installed both indoors and outdoors thanks to its 'laminating'. This process guarantees the adhesive's resistance to bad weather, U.V., projections, and perfect maintenance of printed colors.

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2,80 €

  • Please follow these steps to properly place your sticker


    Step 1 Press down on all your lettering (transfer paper side) with a scraper provided for this purpose.

    Step 2 Start by gently removing the transfer paper (the thickest). Your lettering must stick to the transfer paper, which will allow an easy installation. If not, you probably did not press hard enough in the previous step.

    Step 3 Using a spray, moisten the surface (previously cleaned and degreased) where you want to stick the sticker, as well as the sticker and its transfer paper, with soapy water.

    Step 4 Place the sticker and its transfer paper on the wet surface, and position it as you wish on the surface.

    Step 5 Once in place, apply pressure with the squeegee to the entire sticker to remove the soapy water.

    Step 6 Wait until the assembly is dry, then carefully remove the transfer paper.

    Step 7 Your sticker is stuck on your support, the installation is now finished!

  • PrintFrance
    Height6 cm
    Width12 cm

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